Welcome to ‘That Random Girl- Daily’.

Thank you for stopping by! I really appreciate it, I do!

I’m 22 years young and I’ve always love writing. I believe I have so much to share due to my compelling imagination.

My friends all think I am very random because I talk about the most random things at the most random times! We’ll be talking about dogs and suddenly out of no where I’ll start talking about something completely different, like hair products, cats, holidays, whatever that is on my mind at the time!

They don’t understand that it’s because my brain is always bursting with something to share, and if I don’t get it all out while I remember I might forget, that would be a waste wouldn’t it.

I decided to start blogging as I love writing to my hearts content and I want to share my many random thought and ideas, with everyone, not just my friends and so I decided to call it “That random girl daily”.

I’ll be writing about relationships, travels, and many more.

I’m currently working on another blog which will only address the issues surrounding afro relaxed hair, my journey, recommended products and many more.

I will keep you inform though.

Thank you & Enjoy!



    1. You’re welcome and thank you too :). I had a quick look but once I’m settled will have a better look. But really like what I saw so far 🙂

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