Don’t regret a thing!

Every girl wishes to find the perfect guy and to be with that guy for ever… or at least that’s what I always wish for in terms of relationship.

To find the perfect guy, get married and have a family.

However, we live in the real world and things don’t always go as planned. From a young age, we have been watching films and reading books that have perfect endings to relationship where everyone lives happily ever after.

In the real world, relationships are meant to be complicated. Relationships help us to learn about ourselves as a person, help us grow and so much more. It’s about learning to understand and accept each other, accepting flaws and just learning to love that person.

After break ups, when I was a bit younger. I used to regret being with that person and blame myself for everything. I regret being in a relationship with them as I feel I have wasted my time.

Do you feel that way too?

If that’s a yes, well I’m here to tell you don’t regret a thing!

You have put so much effort into your relationship(s), learning to understand them, caring about them, being there for them and so much more. Why would you want to regret these things?

These are essential traits and personal experiences to carry into your next relationship. We are constantly in working progress, learning and growing each day, trying to figure out who we are and what we can offer others and I promise, all this learning and growing will pay off.

If you had a bad relationship, learn what made it bad, learn how to communicate. Bring all you’ve learnt along with you into your next relationship. Leaning what made your relationship bad isn’t to say it’s your fault. It’s about learning to understand and that’s just one of the many amazing traits you can take with you into your next relationship. And as you move on into new beginnings, let go off the life you have planned and make room for the one that is waiting for you.

Never stop learning!



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