A letter to my future boyfriend

Dear Future Boyfriend,

I’m a little nervous to meet you, but that’s because I’m far from perfect. I was abused as a young child which as caused me to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Don’t worry though, I have seen quite a few counsellors and been to a few therapies, which means I can sometimes control them.

I get jealous easily, but I promise I would never stop you from seeing and spending time with your friends. If your friends fall for you, please know I was will be concern but I still won’t stop you.

I am very emotional, but I don’t mind you laughing at me while I cry through a film.

I’ve convinced myself for a very long time that I’m very good at games. However, I’ve come to the realisation that the only game I’m good at is Sims. However, give me some time to practice and I could be kicking your butt :p.

I moan and complain a lot; however, I call this expressing myself. We can agree to disagree though :). I also tend to repeat myself, but that’s because sometimes I talk so much I often forget I may have already mentioned a certain topic. And even though I sometimes talk a lot, I do understand there is a time and place for certain discussion. I am currently trying to stop repeating myself.

I may word things in a way which may come across like I’m trying to make you feel bad, but I promise that’s a result of me explaining way too much before getting to the point. I am currently working on changing this as well.

I am insecure and most of the times I don’t believe I’m beautiful. This I’m also working on. I have received good results so far as I now accept compliments.

At age 22, I still like cuddly toys and I still sleep with them – honestly, I just find them quite comfy.

I am a strong believer in God so you will find that I share everything with him.

I sometimes laugh too much; people say I laugh for silly reasons but people always find it funny I do and they tend to find me funny at times… Due to my many ‘blonde’ moments and me being gullible.

Even though I’m far from perfect, when I love, I love with my all. I am one of the most caring people you will ever know. My counsellor once told me I care so much because from a young age I was looking out for my younger sister during the rocky roads in our life. However, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m a caring person.

I will go out my way to make you happy. I will be a great girlfriend. I will always be there for you when you need me, through thick and thin.

For the time being, I will focus on getting a career and working on myself until we meet one day.

If there is anything you’re not fond of, please tell me and we can work something out.

I’m looking forward to meeting you in the near future.
Love, your future girlfriend.








  1. Hi, Christal! I’m sure You will be more than great girlfriend. Such a nice letter would love to receive some day. You’re sweet and beautiful for sure even I haven’t seen You.. because beauty is about what You have inside, lady! Thank You for sharing this and Merry Christmas! Lots of love.. 🙂

    1. Hello uldiz!
      Thank you very much. That’s really sweet of you to say and I really and truly appreciate it. You yourself is a sweet and handsome person too as I do believe beauty is definitely what’s inside.
      Thanks to you for commenting and making me smile.
      Merry Christmas! Lots of love 🙂 x

      1. When You start to love someone’s inside world, want it or not You are starting to love outside as well I think! Would love to see that pretty smiley face of Yours. That’s the reason what keeps me going with my blog and also life. If You don’t mind – would love to keep in touch.. and would love to try my best of improving Your life. If You have any questions or just are bored sometimes – feel free to text me. 🙂

      2. I believe the same, its what on the inside that matters and when you love what’s inside, you will also love what’s outside because someone with a beautiful soul is a beautiful person.
        Well you made me smile so you deserve to see it :). And that’s really nice, it’s a great feeling when you’re able to make someone happy.
        Yeah I don’t mind keeping in touch. That would be really nice. Thank you and same to you! Feel free to message me any time 🙂 x

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