“What can I do to be happy?”

I came across an interesting video on Facebook yesterday. It was titled “What can I do to be happy?” The gentleman in the video listed five steps which answer the question we may all know the answer to already, but was just unsure how to put it. Below is a link of the video for you to watch.

What can I do to be happy? (link to the video)

To save time, I have also listed the five steps myself.

  1. Own your own happiness. (Do things that brings joy into your life)
  2. Challenge your story. (you wrote the script, change the story)
  3. Enjoy the journey. (Not just the destination, celebrate all along the way)
  4. Make relationships count. (Relationships with God, yourself, friends, etc. You can’t be fruitful by yourself)
  5. Balance work with play.
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