Things you’re likely to find in a woman’s bag

Today, as I was tidying my room, I emptied my bag like usual and it made me smile because right then and there, I remembered my boyfriend always asking me why have I got to have so many random things in my bag, which I don’t even need. “Umm, Yes I do need them” and I’m sure many women can relate to a few  of these things if not all.

Therefore I have came up with a list of some of the things you’re likely to find in a woman’s bag.

  • Purse – Well, I thought I’ll start with the obvious. We need our purse for obvious reasons. It’s where we keep all our cash and cards.
  • Phone – No woman can do without their phone. It’s that ‘friend’ you need when no one else is there. Need direction? Need the time? Need to make a quick call? Need to transfer money over from your ‘savings’ account when you just can’t resist that sale? Look no further.
  • Charger – We just always take our phone charger with us, not like we’ll ever find somewhere out in public to charge our phone.
  • Make-up – Of course we need to top up every now and again. We need to make sure we’re not walking around with a face looking like a mirror.
  • Small mirror– well you’ll definitely need this for topping up your make up and many more things.
  • Tissue – Who’s going to give us a piece of tissue when we have a runny nose due to cold? or a runny mascara due to the rain? It’s just so much better to be prepared.
  • Nail clip – We might break a nail which we need to file or it will just stick to everything and rip them to pieces. In this case you might have to get a new pair of tights while you’re out! We just never know what could happen.
  • Hand cream – Since we may need the rest room at some point while we’re out. After washing our hands it’s always nice to moisturise it with a bit of hand cream.
  • Comb/brush – It can be very windy at times and if you drive, you know that driving messes up your hair at the back. Therefore, having a comb is the solution to these problems.
  • Perfume/deodorant – We all get sweaty at times and if we don’t get that sweaty, we feel sweaty. So we definitely need these.
  • Pads/tampons – Just in case we have any accidents or someone else does! “Excuse me, have you got any pads or tampons, didn’t realise I was coming on today”,
    “I’m really sorry but I don’t have any at the moment”- AWKWARD!
  • Notepad & pen – We always need to jot something down, whether that’s a reminder to get a loaf of bread while we’re out or you’ve been stopped by a sales person and we want to write some details down. And you know, it’s better writing it in your notepad sometimes just in case you’re phone run out of charge.
  • Earphones– I think this is one of the most common things you can find in a woman’s bag. Sometimes, we just want to block out all that noise around us and get on with our day.
  • Tablets – We’ll may need these at some point, whether it’s for stomach cramps or just for a headache.
  • Safety pins – It says it in the title, sometimes these little pins save the day!
  • Umbrella – Do we have time to be wondering whether it’s going to rain or not? might as well take it with us just in case it does!
  • Coins – And I mean lots of it, sometimes we just don’t have time to put everything away in our purse plus the queue of people behind looks like they’ll eat you alive if you don’t hurry up so someone else can have their turn at their cashier.
  • Glasses – whether we need this for the sun or just to read the small prints on a products, they come in handy.

So this is my list. If you believe there are things missing from this list I’ll love to hear what they are!
And for the guys who are confuse as to why we bring so many ‘random’ things I hope this list will make everything a bit more clear for you. 🙂

Have a good day!

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  1. The nail clipper point made me laugh😂. But it’s so true you never know when you need to clip off that annoying nail, without breaking the whole nail off😫. Guys will never understand haha xx

    1. Aha I’m glad it did 😁. It is so true though. I’m glad another girl can relate 😊.
      They won’t lol. Its a shame xx

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