“You’re so pretty”, said this 16 year old girl to me on Whatsapp messenger after asking me if the girl in my display picture was me and I replied  saying yeah.

I couldn’t believe she was only 16 and thought I was pretty. Reason being, the majority of young teenagers in our society today look up to celebrities. If you aren’t flawless like these celebrities then you’re neither beautiful or pretty.

I try to always advise my fellow friends and family that they are beautiful and everyone is beautiful in their own way. It irritates me so much when I hear girls say things like “Her skin is so smooth, I want my skin to be like hers” etc. It wouldn’t have been so unacceptable if the images of these celebrities weren’t photoshopped to ‘perfection’. Nothing is wrong with admiring one’s beauty but it definitely erroneous when that person’s beauty is photoshopped.

Celebrities’ images won’t stop getting altered and I have no problem with that. The problem I have is that young people aren’t aware of it and if they are, it get shoves to the back of their minds and they come out comes phrases such as “she is so perfect, I want to be like her!”

So when this 16 year old girl told me how pretty I was, I was stunned, not only because of the above reason but I genuinely don’t believe I am pretty. I wanted to reply and say “no, I’m not at all, but thank you”, but I thought saying that will only give her a negative message. As much as I don’t think I am beautiful, I replied with a simple message saying thank you and how sweet of her it was to say so.

This is not easy to put out there, but most days, I do my make up in very dimmed light, I get carried away in the bathroom because I stared at my face in the mirror and try to find all my imperfections in hope that I can get rid of them, I literally hate the sun shinning on my face as I believe my spots show up a lot more and that is all people can see when they look at me. And it’s not just my face, I don’t entirely love every part of my body either.

However, each day is a new day where I try to learn and love myself. I’m complimented more than I ever expected by lovely people around me, even by strangers! Rather than answering I’m not, a simple thank you is the way to go forward, not only that but it’s polite.

If you don’t love yourself, it is converts your mind into thinking people around you don’t love you and all they see are your imperfections. Therefore, each day you should try and learn to love myself and accept compliments.

I read the news each day and realise you just never know what can happen. God wakes me up each day and that alone should make me happy. Yes, there are worst things to be worrying about but that doesn’t mean you should forget your situation, that doesn’t seem fair. Some problems are just bigger than some. Instead, don’t make you’re problems bring you down. Find the positives in the negatives. Here are just a few things you should think about each day if you believe you’re not beautiful and if anyone tells you that you’re not:

  1. God woke you up. Be thankful. Be Happy.
  2. People will always have negative things to say, which is a shame. Do they know you like your friends and family? No. Do they know your story? No. Then why should you waste your time listening to them.
  3. You’re imperfections are what makes you perfect.
  4. No one, and I mean no cares about your spots and anything else you are worrying about (unless they are under the list of negative people, if so, think number 2).
    They may or they may not see the spot, but honestly no ones cares at all.
  5. Don’t waste your day worrying, embrace each day and make it count.
  6. Always remember that you are beautiful, no matter what anyone tells you! We are all beautiful in our own way and that one of the of the things that makes us unique.
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