One Easy Way To Know You’re With The Right Person

James Michael Sama

More often than I like to see, I get people commenting on my articles and Facebook page(s) referencing some sort of negative stigmas towards relationships in general. Just earlier today one woman was saying that she has new-found freedom and self love since she has become single.

While, of course, the single life lends it to a certain air of carefree whimsy, I certainly do not think that being single is the only way to obtain such freedom. Furthermore, I do not think being in a relationship requires you to lose it.


I find this to be a widespread issue both among my peers in my generation, and spread over multiple age groups. There is a negative stigma that surrounds the idea of a relationship in general.

Relationships hold you back from your dreams. Relationships keep you from pursuing your goals. Relationships derail you from your career path. Relationships…

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