Facebook ‘poke’ and the latter

I have decided I’m going to be more active on all my social networking sites interms of replying to messages.

I have even downloaded the Facebook Messenger App again. Last time I deleted it as I heard there is no sort of privacy when you use it and people including the government can get hold of your messages… something along these lines. I didn’t really read into it, but saw everyone warning others so I decided to conform and delete it too.

But it makes Facebook messaging so much easier and quicker.

It’s not that I deliberately ignore people talking to me, there are just so many messages from so many different social networking sites and it gets abit too much sometimes. So when I see a notification pop up on my phone screen, I quickly slide it to the side so it disappears with the intention to reply later… but then I forget. I sometimes slide it to the side because I want to give my phone a break, I can’t afford getting another phone because my battery is constantly low.
I alsohave a laptop but I don’t tend to go on it to talk, I do things such as: research, buy things online, etc.

This is, in no way claiming I’m popular but when you’ve not lived in one country you’re entirely life, it means you have friends all over, you become friends with you’re friend’s friend, and your friend friend’s friend and so on. They call these friends of friend mutual friends.

And there are so many different ways friends and mutual friends can contact me, which are as listed below:

1) my phone number which includes:
a) ringing,
b) texting
c) video chat.

2) Viber which includes:
a) ringing
b) texting
c) video chating

3) Whatspp which includes:
a) texting
b) voice notes

4) Skype which includes:
a) messaging
b) ringing with or without video chat

5) Facebook which includes quite alot of features such as:
a) sending me a message
b) instant message
c) write on my wall
b) comment on my picture(s) to probably say something like “Christal can’t get you intouch with you, ring me now!”

6) Twitter which includes:
a) tweeting me
b) sending a message to me (if I’m following you that is)

7) My three main email addresses and the other ones I don’t use as much so need to make people aware of this.

8) Instagram which includes:
a) direct message
b) commenting on my picture(s)

9) Linkedin

10) Vinted (should be use for selling but can imagine my friends messaging me on there)

11) Snapchat

12) Last but not least WordPress.

Anyways, sorry, I know I write/talk a lot but I like to give brief details. Brief?
However this is the point.

Today I woke up and decided I will reply to all my facebook and whatsapp notifications, people have always supported me on these platforms, though I support them too, the least I can do is reply to their messages.

I scanned through my Facebook notification, “oh a few people poked me, I’m going to poke them back, its a nice gesture” but I won’t be adding Facebook poke to my ‘ways to contact me list.’

Bam! the poker sent me a message and I realised he messaged me along time ago and he’s a mutual friend of a few of my friends.

Guy: Do you want to poke in real life?

Me: Lol nope

Guy: why did you poke me then?

This was meant to be my reply:
Because you poke me first and thought you were being friendly so I poked you back! when did Facebook poke means I literally want a ‘poke’!!!!

Instead I said:

Me: I won’t poke you again, simple 🙂
( because I am nice person and hate being nasty to people)

Guy: wierd

I closed his message.

Is there really a different message behind facebook poke? Does it really mean more than just a poke? Grr.

Does that also mean there might be more to a mutual friend messaging me… because if there is anything more than just friendship and they think I’m replying plus being nice because I want a poke, sack being more active with social netwoking sites!!

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  1. I’m kind of old, and my daughters tell me I’m not that social media savvy. Having said that, my half-brothers poke me from time to time, and I know that they want nothing more than to say Hi. Anything else is icky! So I think your original thought was right, and that guy needed to grow up.

    1. Thankyou for your response and thats the way it should be, it shouldn’t be anything else. I will do as thinking about it now, even my mum poke me from time to time so that giy definitely needs to grow up 🙂

  2. A FB poke is JUST a poke. To be honest, people don’t poke anymore, it’s totally three years ago. Poking in those days did use to imply you wanted to, er…poke in actual person. But for the few who still do it, that’s not what it is anymore 🙂

    1. Im really glad you think so and I remember it was quite popular a long time ago, so it only means this guy and others like him are the problem, not facebook 🙂

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