Living for a day inside my favourite movie…

What a Girl Wants.

I would take the role of Daphe Reyholds.

I would, like her, travel to find my Dad. And When I do, nothing would get in my way.
No step mum and No step sister… but they can always try.

I wouldn’t be nasty to them, but I would be vigilant with them.

Step sister can steal all my pretty dresses and jewelleries, as she is materialistic and I’m not.

However, I wouldn’t let her steal the one thing that really matters to me, my dad.

I would have already seen the look in my father’s eyes that I am his and he wants nothing more than to be there for me and to be the dad every girl wishes for.

So the day of the dance, the day I would get my very first father and daughter dance, I would lie to step mum and step sister, yes I would. I would pretend that I had enough of them getting in my way and they can live happily ever after, but on one condition.

1) They had to take me to the airport without my dad knowing.

But what they wouldn’t know is that I had planned with Ian Wallace to meet at the airport, where we would get their car to stop working, they way they usually do in movies. We would hide all their belongings (and money) and leave them there. They can find their way back.

I would get on Ian’s motor bike, and he would ride me back to my dads. I would get dress in my beautiful dress and I would be ready to for that father and daughter dance, just in time, no one in the crowd that was secretly planning to take me down. But instead happy smiles, even from my mother. She was on time too.

After the dance, The best dance I ever had, I would see step sister and her step mother walk in, looking all scuffed and tired from walking.

I wouldn’t care, but would wait patiently to see where it goes from there. While me and my mum wait, we know deep down my dad would choose us… after all, I saw it in eyes the very first day I met him, that he belong with us and we belong with him.

We were right, he chose us.

For the very first time, in a short yet long space of time, since I met my dad, I would see him stand up to step mother and step sister. He would tell them the truth. He would tell them he was tired of them pretending for his money and fame as that’s all they wanted from the start.

He would then walk over to us, me and my mum, look my mum in her eyes and kiss her gently yet passionately. I would smile, not cringe and he would kiss me on my forehead, we would have a group hug and I would call Ian over to join. From that day onwards, we would live happily ever after.

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