Why do people comrade in Evil? Just why?

Why do people comrade in evil? Why do people do evil to others? Why do people get so evil?

I once never believe in evil because I had only one definition for it which I thought don’t exist, but I have come understand from my readings and understading of the bible, evil has been around for a very long time. Evil was on earth before God sent his only beloved son to die for our sins. And here is it again, 2014, evil continues to spread.

Because of this evil spread, there comes jealousy, hatred, envy, bitterness, you name it. While some of these feelings cannot be control, I understand that, but why act on them? Does anyone recall sabotaging their best friend’s relationship because they don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend too? Even more smaller and easier to recall, to break it down abit, does anyone recall trying to get something before your friend does? Just because you didn’t want you friend to have it first? I refer to ‘you’ as you being ‘You’, so please if this does not reflect you, please do not where the cap. Do you recall telling your friend the dress doesn’t suit her just because you felt she would look better than you? Guys, I cannot speak precisely for you, but do you recall anything familiar?

As Anne Frank said, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before beginning to improve the world.” As quoted in God’s To-do List: 103 Ways to be an Angel and Do God’s Work on Earth(2007) by Ron Wolfson, Introduction, p. 17.

You might not be a God’s person as you would say, but is that any excuse to do evil deeds. It is wonderful that no one need wait a single moment before they start improving the world, but how many of us are willing to start? not many. But that won’t make me not stand tall and protect myself, my family and everyone else I can protect. Its only been 21 years and I’ve seen so many jeolously, hatred, envy and a lot more, it aches so much to see it all. It is so normal now, its like part of a normal life, but it shouldn’t be. We are all humans and its okay to feel these way but it’s not okay to act on these feelings.

I have felt jealously before, but I give myself a subconcious slap to remind me there is no need to make another person’s life hell, I put myself in their shoes and I would not want someone to act on negative feeling towards me, so why should I to someome else. Why should I not act on these feelings? Because it’s sensible, it shows I’m strong, it shows bravery and it shows I have control over my life, not evil.

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  1. Christal, you have a good wake up call and self-control. I admire your honesty. Now, I begin to understand things better. Before, I always can’t understand why some people make life like hell for my family and me too. No wonder jealousy have a very strong control in people’s lives. Few people have the self control. May the Lord strengthens you in Christ’s name.

    1. Thankyou so much. Someone happened to my mum at the time of this post and it was all because of jealously which is really sad. Jealously does have a very strong control in people’s life, something I see happen alot. Thankyou. May the good lord strengthens you too.

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