Ten Reasons Why I Dislike Public Transport (buses in particular)

I am not one to moan but I really do not like taking buses. Of course at this time, my choice is very limited but hopefully not for long.

Sorry Brian Souter. However, I’m sure we all understand that when a product or service is introduced, not everyone will love it, so I am simple one of the many people that does not like taking buses. While I do not mind taking the train or tram, it is predominantly because trains and trams have a completely different atmosphere to that of buses.

So here are my ten reasons (in no particular order) as to why I dislike taking the bus:

1) Aggressive People- on the buses I take, there is always that one person who looks really angry. It makes the atmosphere awkward and gives me an uneasy feeling, especially as the bus is always very compact.

2) Staring people- you tend to get a lot of people that just stares and stares at you.

3) Dirty- It’s just never really clean.

4) Noisy- Sometimes it’s just way too noisy.

5) Slow- I don’t expect buses to speed but do drive a bit faster than 20 mph.

6) Not much say- I don’t feel passengers have much say in terms of ‘bus law’. An example of this is when the bus I’m on stops for like 10 minutes to switch bus drivers. I am sure this can be organised a lot better. No need to be waiting around for ten minutes. People have work to go. However, all we can do is sit and wait.

7) Smell- this is one of the worst for me. Buses just always seem to smell.

8) People stood in the way- It’s awkward saying ‘excuse’ to someone five times before they finally make a move to clear the way.

9) – Contaminated Air- with people coughing and not covering the mouths, the chances are very high of catching a virus in such compact environment.

10) Almost never on time- trains and trams comes at the time they said they will, however, buses seem to never be on time. The timetable at the bus stop may say the bus will arrive 7:30.. keep in mind you won’t see this bus until 10 minutes later.

So these are my 10 reason why I hate taking buses. If you can relate, please feel free to comment and let me know :).

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    1. Thank you so so much for the reblogg. I really appreciate it :). And I’m glad you agree. It’s something I have to go through everyday. Ahah those would be perfect lol.

    1. ahah, Hopefully sooner or later, I too can read it and gives me flashback rather than the reminder of what I’m in for everyday lol

    1. Thank you very much for the reblogg. I really appreciate it. I say the same everyday, but only if lol

      1. Oh I could I forget, it’s like a never ending situation lol, it may get worst, we should be prepared! 🙂

  1. I completely agree. I’ve lived within the city limits of Houston almost all my life and used to take the bus. Then they built the rail which was a Godsend. Buses wreak of nasty, disgusting ass people. The rail mostly consists of professionals and people who work in the medical center on downtown Houston. I can agree with all of these especially the noise level. On the rail, you don’t hear any talking whatsoever, but on a bus, headphones are necessary and even then you have to blast them. You also need to carry wipes and hand sanitizer. Now that I live on the outskirts of Houston, I can no longer take the rail unless I do the park in ride but where I work is nowhere near a rail or a bus lol. Great post.

    1. I’m really glad you understand. They have built the rail here in Manchester too, close to where I live, but its on the other side so I still have to take the bus sadly. And I agree, no talking whatsoever on the rail as it’s mostly professional people. And yes, even with head/earphone you can still hear the music very loud. While I continue to take the bus each morning, wipes and hand sanitizers are necessary! 🙂 and thankyou.

  2. In my town this list describes the subway perfectly. The buses, on the other hand, vary by route and the commuter ones are just that, a bunch of professionals commuting to and from work. I feel for ya, though!

  3. I agree that buses are generally unpleasant. Honestly, that’s why we need governments to care about public transit. It should be a quick, easy, environmentally friendly way to get around but instead it’s gross and slow.

    1. Exactly, we really do, they need to care about it more. They now have free wifi on some of the buses but that doesn’t make up for everything else.

  4. I have to agree with this entire post. Where I live you have to drive everywhere but I’m scared of driving so I know I’ll have to probably live in a more city-like environment but hopefully I can walk to the places I need to go.

    1. Thankyou. It great when you can walk to places, thats what I miss living in Huddersfield, everything was walking distance away so I hope it will be the same for you

  5. Reblogged this on The Write Perspective and commented:
    Last year when I was engaging in my civic duties on jury duty I rode public transportation because who wants to pay $20 to park downtown when they’re only being paid $10 a day? While on the bus I saw the cutest baby with the roundest, large brown eyes I’d ever seen being held by her mother as we stood together. She also had a nose filled with green fluid. This put me on notice. The bus was crowded and I was standing approximately one and a half feet from her as this bundle of joy sneezed and cough for most of the three mile journey until my stop.
    Fast forward three days, when jury duty is over:

    I’m sicker than a group of dogs and though it’s April and our ground is still mostly covered with a small layer of snow- I want desperately to use whatever energy I have left to dig my own grave in the back yard. When I slept I could not breath, when I was awake I could not breath. My nose was hot and my throat ached like never before. Every strand of hair on my head sent pain signals to my brain. My body ached and worst of all I was never selected for jury duty. I will never forget the little baby girl that gave me what I was sure was another close encounter with death.

    1. Wow, these are things that happens on buses alot of the time, recently a child came on the bus my aunty was on and after complaining to his mother he felt sink, with seconds he vimitted and was all over the bus as people came and step in it without notice, yuck I know. I am really glad you are better now. Dont forget hand sanitizers and the lot whenever you next take your bus.

  6. I saw this reblogged twice on blogs I follow and I am half-convinced that I’m the only person on Earth who actually likes taking the bus. Or maybe Porto Alegre/Brazil might be the only city on Earth where busses aren’t completely disgusting… Hmmm. :/

    1. I would to take the bus in Porto Alegre/Brazil then. I honestly would like to experiene better bus sevice than the ones here. Its not a bad thing 🙂

  7. I am a very, very, VERY frequent bus taker and have yet to experience this hell. The only thing I experience in Central New Jersey is lateness, and that doesn’t happen very often. Once someone was singing on the bus and no one said anything about it.

    I had a friend who thought he was living in New York and performed on the buses while they were in motion.. standing up… and if the bus had suddenly hit the brakes he would have gone flying through the front window. He performed what I like to call the Study Bus because its last stop was the local community college. No one usually talked on the bus but him, and even then it was to perform his Hat in the Cat (YouTube it… my opinion changes every so often. I showed it to my mom and sister and they were like WTF. I showed it to my ex and he was like WTF. Anyway, I’ve devolved into a rant.

    TL;DR: Buses in Central New Jersey generally are not late and are clean, but we do have the occasional person who sings and my performer friend hasn’t been seen in about two years. I have headphones on so I don’t really pay attention to others’ music. The only instance of uncleanliness was a woman coughing like Death might sound if he coughed and didn’t cover his mouth.

    But I still hate riding the bus.

    1. You’re reply made me laugh, I will definitely youtube this performer. I was on the bus once and this guy was on his phone, talking very loud and these were his words “you better give me my money or I send my boys to beat you up, I wilk bang you out, I have me stuff on me”… I was honestly really scared for my life! I wish the lateness didn’t happen all the time here, its a constant matter here unfortunately :(. The bus service in Central New Jeysey is one I would love to experince, despite the singing 🙂

  8. I think it depends upon the bus system. I live in San Francisco and take the Muni (city) bus system whenever I need to get someplace that is too far for me to walk. It’s so much better than driving because parking in the city is either ridiculously expensive if you want to park in a lot or impossible to find if you want to park on the street. Sure, some of the issues you mentioned happen periodically, but I am very happy taking the bus to pretty much wherever I need to go within the city of San Francisco.

    1. You probably have a better bus service and system in San Franciso. I only wish I could happily look forward to take the bus each morning, it its quite bad everyone that happens once I step foot on the buses.

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