“Work Hard Now, So You Don’t Have To Work Hard Later”

“Work Hard Now, So You Don’t Have To Work Hard Later”

The first time I heard this quote, I realised how powerful it was, and even today, I still believe it is. This quote I believe is for everyone, no matter what you’re situation is and where you are in life now.

Sadly I cannot remember where I heard this quote or who said it. I kept thinking it was at my graduation ceremony at The University of Huddersfield- however, I’m not 100% sure. So I do apologise for this.

Below are two examples of how this quote will be beneficial for you no matter your situation and where you are in life now:

  • Currently a student– if you work hard now, it means when you finish your studies, you don’t have to work hard later.
    How? working hard may mean a variety of different things for depending on the stage you are in your studies. However, after ‘working hard’ it means you will get the grade you deserve and then you can then move forward in life. This will result in you getting the job you want with less hassle and so forth.

Not working hard now will mean you have to work really hard later. For example, If you’re currently a student and you’re currently not working hard, it means you will not get the results you want. Not getting the results you want means taking steps backwards and taking the longer road to success. Taking steps back instead of forward could mean resitting exams, re-doing a year, etc. This will then result in taking the longer road to success and there is so much more you will have to do.

It is therefore better to “Work Hard Now, So You Don’t Have To Work Hard Later.” 🙂

  • Currently working– If you are currently working, I’m sure there might be a few things you want to achieve at some point in your life. This could be anything as small as going on holiday to something big as buying a house or your dream car. Work hard now so that later you are able to achieve these things. Working hard will also mean there is a high possible you will get promoted at work so you are able to progress up the career ladder. Not working hard now will mean the longer road to success and a longer time to achieve your goals.

If for instance you believed you’ve work hard but still didn’t achieve your goals that should enable you to not having to work hard later and you have to take a step back, it is okay. It means you are still in the process or working hard now and ‘later’ is yet to come soon.

It is when you had the chance to work hard now, but didn’t take the chance is when you are likely to take a step back instead of forward and the longer route to success.

So whatever you’re situation is and wherever you are in life now, always remember to

Work Hard Now, So You Don’t Have To Work Hard Later

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