New retail strategy…maybe

Ever been in a store looking at the items they are selling, and a member of staff approach you and asked “Is everything okay?” and/or “May I help you?” and you reply saying something like “yeah I’m okay thanks, just looking”.

Well I was sat relaxing today and thought of an alternative way for members of staff to approach customers. Instead of having every customer see you coming towards them and knowing what you’re going to say, why not surprise them and say something different every now and again as well as asking them how they are? Something like telling them about a new product in store, a new sale on or the benefit of a certain product that’s having high volume of sales? Anything of this sort.

However, members of staff would need to know when to approach customers this way. For example, if you see a customer looking in the clothes section, maybe it’s not a good idea to tell them about a new brand make-up that has recently came out. Therefore the timing and place have to be right.

It may and may not work all the time or at all. But it’s a new strategy, why not try it? 🙂

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